Enabling you to empower people.

Premium Portal is a cloud based platform that allows trainers, HR professionals and consultants to present their programmes as online or blended tracks to students or employees. Premium Portal has been build to make people development more effective and aligned with the goals of your organization.

Your own Portal

You will have your own, separated portal with the branding of your organization.

Thinking in Tracks

Growth, development, and change are processes. That’s why Premium Portal is based on tracks.

Easy to Use

The portal has an intuitive, user friendly interface. Usability is our priority.

Tracking and Feedback

You can easily track progress of users and results or feedback are displayed in a clear format.

Scalable and Secure

You can quickly increase the number of users and your data are protected according to high standards.

Always On

The portal is cloud based and accessible 24/7 from mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Anytime. Anywhere. Any device.

You can access your portal day and night from your pc, tablet, or smartphone to continue your learning journey when it suits you best!



You’re not alone


Designing tracks is simple

Using the built-in templates you can quickly create separate resources, such as an article, video, questionnaire, game or event. You insert existing content or create new content. Next, you string these resources together to form one or more tracks. Users sign in and can only see the tracks they ought to see.

About us

The Portal Company helps organizations to develop and empower their people. By switching to working with tracks in our Premium Portal many customers were able to reach their goals.


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